Grasses are a very useful plant in the garden. They can be used as borders, are generally extremely hardy and have low water requirements. They are also very useful as a structural plant, bringing in different colours and texture which are essential to any nice garden.

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  1. Cordyline australis

    Cordyline australis

    Red Sensation

    Position- Full sun to part shade
    Size- Height to 2.5m, width to 1.5m
    Flowers- Creamy white panicles
    Flower time- Summer
    Conditions- Low maintenence, drought and frost tolerant. Very hardy
    Type- Evergreen perennial, Grass
  2. Dietes grandiflora

    Dietes grandiflora

    Wild Iris, Fairy Iris

    Position- Full Sun
    Size- Height to 1.3m, width to 1m
    Flowers- White, iris-like flowers
    Flower time- Spring and summer
    Conditions- Drought hardy, likes well drained soil
    Type- Evergreen, Perennial
  3. Dietes iridoides

    Dietes iridoides

    Position- Full Sun to part shade
    Size- Height to 1m, spread to 50cm
    Flowers- White with yellow and violet tepal blotches
    Flower time- Early Spring to early Winter
    Conditions- Thrives in dry, hot climates. Is drought tolerant and low maintenance
    Type- Evergreen perennial
  4. Liriope muscari 'Royal Purple'

    Liriope muscari 'Royal Purple'

    Position- Full sun to part shade
    Size- Height to 30cm, width to 30cm
    Flowers- rounded bell-shaped, dark purple flowers
    Flower time- Late spring, early summer
    Conditions- Coastal and drought tolerant
    Type- Evergreen perennial
  5. Pennisetum advena 'Rubrum'

    Pennisetum advena 'Rubrum'

    Purple Fountain Grass

    Position - Full sun
    Size - Height to 1.5m, width to 1m
    Flowers - Feather-like 'fox tail' flowers
    Flower time - Spring to autumn
    Conditions - Needs to be trimmed back in early spring to remove last years dead foliage. Great as a feature plant, mass planted in the garden
    Type- Dies off and re-shoots each year

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